Skin & Threads originated as a brand dedicated to championing sustainable practices in the fashion industry, meticulously crafting luxury essentials while minimizing environmental impact. Evolving into a comprehensive fashion label, Skin & Threads now offers a diverse range of products including tailored pieces, outerwear, denim, and accessories, all centered around essential wardrobe staples.

Specializing in luxury knitwear, the brand epitomizes elegance with its fluid silk silhouettes and sumptuously soft leather garments. Drawing inspiration from a profound appreciation for luxurious comfort and timeless wardrobe essentials, Skin & Threads has established itself as a renowned name in sustainable fashion.

Designed in Melbourne, the brand is celebrated for its beautifully considered natural wardrobe staples, reflecting an enduring commitment to sustainability and classic sensibility. Nature serves as a prominent theme, underscoring Skin & Threads foundation of utilizing natural fibres and crafting fluid shapes and textural garments.

The brand’s ethos is embodied through its portrayal of water and body movement, symbolizing the wearer’s intrinsic connection with nature and the conscious decisions made when investing in quality, natural garments. Just as water exhibits fluidity, ripples, and ebbs and flows, Skin & Threads’ designs resonate with a harmonious blend of elegance, sustainability, and enduring luxury